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Wer soll das bezahlen?


Everybody working on the project is unsalaried. Donations are not only welcome but a necessity. Just paying the rent on the storage of the records consumes our yearly budget.

Our account at the Swiss PostFinance:
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IBAN: CH67 0900 0000 8549 8351 8
for Swiss Foundation Public Domain, 8630 Rüti ZH, Switzerland

The Swiss Foundation Public Domain is recognized as a non-profit organization of public utility. Donations can be deducted from Swiss taxes.

Donations in resources

Currently resources are mainly donated by:

Enter AG, Rüti ZH, Office, Archive,
Arbeitsintegration Rüti, unsalaried collaborators.

Donations in kind

Composers, authors, performers, rights holders and their heirs can release works they own into the public domain using licenses cc-0, cc-by, or cc-by-sa. Such works may be included in the repository of the Swiss Foundation Public Domain.